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Effects of Eccentric and Concentric Exercises on Some Functional Activity Indexes of Patients With Diabetes Type 2   Research Article
The Pregnant Mothers' Knowledge About Breastfeeding in Semnan, Iran   Research Article
Local Quadriceps Vibration Training in Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial   Research Article
Association of Musculoskeletal Complaints With Psychosocial Factors Among Nurses in Semnan Hospitals   Research Article
Adjustment Process in Retired Iranian Nurses   Research Article
Oral Stereognosis in Children With Cleft Palate and Normal Children   Research Article
The Effect of Hearing Loss on the Vocal Features of Children   Research Article
Relationship Between Gender and Motor Skills in Preschoolers   Research Article
A Study of Social Work in General Hospitals in Iran and Designing a Model for Social Work Services   Research Article
Attitude and Knowledge of Medical Sciences Students Toward the Disabled Elderly   Research Article
Welcome to the First Issue   Editorial