Call for Paper

Dear Colleagues,

Middle East Journal of Rehabilitation and Health Studies (MEJRH) is an international rehabilitation and health multidisciplinary online journal. MEJRH aims to promote advancement in the field of rehabilitation, and alternative medicine related to disability.
MEJRH online issue break the brick wall and allows easy, timely and free access to the articles. MEJRH aims to support novel researchers to gain scientific knowledge through free access and promote further researches in the field of rehabilitation medicine.
The journal welcomes submissions that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence.
Papers may be submitted from any discipline related to rehabilitation, health, and suggested content areas include but are not limited to:
Rehabilitation, ie: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, kinesiology, sports physiology, athletic injury management, athletic training & rehabilitation, health, performance enhancement drugs and effects.

Kind Regards,
Mohammad Amozadeh Khalili,
Amir Hooshang Bakhtiari,

E-mail: i[email protected]